The Lies We Tell


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Includes two full-length, tension-filled romances in the Secrets and the City series: Deadly Illusion and Fatal Cure. Both are stand-alone romances with no cliffhangers.

from Deadly Illusion:

Jenna was determined to leave her dark past behind her and build the life she’d always wanted, but just when she thought all her dreams were finally coming true, a shocking incident shattered her fairy-tale life, and now she’s hiding a terrible secret—a secret that could cost her everything.

Damian is as gorgeous as he is mysterious, keeping his own dark secrets from everyone he meets. He never thought he’d care about anything again… until he meets Jenna. He knows letting her get close to him will put her in danger, but when he suspects Jenna’s in trouble, there’s only one thing that matters: protecting her at all costs.

Thrust into a terrifying nightmare where a threat looms in every shadow, Jenna and Damian find themselves in a race for survival. Soon, everyone Jenna loves is in peril, and only the ultimate sacrifice can save them…

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