Books I love

There are so many books that are my all-time favorites! Here are a list of a few of them, and why I think you’ll love them!

Twilight-the ultimate Forbidden Romance genre! Between a vampire and a human, their love could kill them. Bella and Edward face obstacle after obstacle overcoming his internal demons and external forces to stay together…and alive.

Verity is SUCH a great ride. So many twists, so dark, and as usual with Colleen Hoover, a book I could not put down. If you like something a little different but still has some romance, you will love this book!

The SECRET. If you’re looking for something in non-fiction and something that can transform your life, so all your dreams are within reach, look no further! This book outlines the process of how our thoughts become our reality.

Brittainy Cherry is an insanely talented writer that hooks you with her powerful love stories. This one is full of angst, and love, and heartbreak. All the elements that will keep you glued to the pages!

Another Colleen Hoover book! This one is so unique and different from her others, as it dabbles in paranormal romance! This is one of the most unusual love stories I ever read, and I cannot recommend it enough!



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